Travelling via MALAGA

The Fastest Way to Madrid

The Fastest Way to Madrid is to fly – it takes c. 1hr but do factor in check-in times and collecting luggage etc.

The Second Fastest Way to Madrid is the train. It takes c. 3hrs depending which train you are on.

Traveling straight from Malaga to Madrid does mean you miss out on some interesting cities, Seville, Granada and Cordoba. However, given the main purpose of this trip and travel is to see the footy let’s gloss over this. However, Cordoba is a reasonably convenient stop and the Mosque-Cathedral is on the high-speed trainline from Malaga to Madrid.

Train or Bus

The train from Madrid to Malaga takes about three hours. This is the quickest and most convenient way to get from Malaga to Madrid as you don’t have to mess about with check-in times at the airport. The train will also be cheaper than flying if you are making last-minute travel arrangements.

There are regular buses throughout the day between Malaga and Madrid. The journey typically takes six hours and a ticket will cost you about 25 euros. This is the cheapest way to get from Malaga to Madrid however it’s by far the slowest.

Where are the Stations?

The Train (R.E.N.F.E.) and Bus Station (Estación de Autobuses de Málaga) are located near to the Port and the Plaza de Toros Vieja


It is a 540km drive from Malaga to Madrid taking roughly six hours with the majority of the journey on A4, A44, A92 and R4 highways.


A flight from Malaga to Madrid takes about an hour, however, check-in times and getting to the airport makes your total journey time similar to taking the train. If booking in advance, flying is typically cheaper than the train.